Tori and Jason's Wedding

April 29th, 2023

So if you've gotten an invitation and decided to come and check out the website...welcome! This is all a work in progress, so check back and maybe there will be useful information here?

Our wedding is majority Child-Free. Children who are related are invited, as well as children whose parents are involved in the ceremony. We thank you for your understanding!

March 9th Update! Here is our Wedding Registry! More things may be added as we think of them, and there's an option for cash if you prefer. However, you are not in any way required to purchase us anything! The pleasure of your company is all that we require!

The Tori and Jason Wedding Registry!

April 24th Update: It's looking like a cool and rainy day. So prepare! If it's rainy then lawn games are a hard won't have access to the inside of the building until 5pm, so being outside in the rain may not be your cup of tea.

The Liriodendron

502 West Gordon Street

Bel Air, MD. 21014

May 15th: Thank you so much for being there! Once the photographer gets back to us about the pictures I'll get them available. In the meantime here are the photo booth shots! You can also find them at the website.